Brooklyn Branstiter, Staff Writer

People across the world have found different ways to express what they enjoy eating. With this comes multiple different favorite foods. Some people eat that food nearly every day, some people save it for special occasions and some people write stories about it. That is what I am here to do. 

To get this started, let me just say: pasta. Pasta is an amazing food with a distinct taste. There are so many different ways to prepare, eat and enjoy pasta. There are multiple types of noodles: spaghetti, penne, farfalle, linguine, lasagne, macaroni, ravioli, cavatappi, tortiglioni, shells and many more. To some, pasta is a quick put-together food, but to others it is a divine and delightful meal to have. You can make a sweet dessert such as Acini De Pepe salad, or you can make an easy lunch like mac and cheese. 

If pasta is not meant to be a food that is enjoyable to everyone, then why does nearly every restaurant serve pasta? There are some restaurants that only serve pasta, one of which being Noodles and Company. Those restaurants are the ones that get the most business from my family and me. Not only because I like pasta, but my whole family does. At family get-togethers, there are always so many foods. There is ham, turkey, chicken, dessert, mashed potatoes and a multitude of different kinds of pasta. 

Marco Polo, the man who brought pasta from China and Asia to Italy, was an amazing man who did us all a favor. He knew that people across the world would want to have a taste of what the Chinese had been eating since as early as 3000 B.C. Because of him, pasta is one of the most globally known foods that many enjoy. 

You may have your own favorite food, but as for me, pasta is the winner. I can never get enough noodles. If you haven’t tried pasta, give it a shot. It might just blow you away. Don’t let Marco Polo down. He brought the noodles to Italy for you!