Should people go trick or treating?


Ariale Hindman, Staff writer

On Halloween, a lot of people usually throw parties or people go trick or treating. Since the pandemic, people have been practicing social distancing, self-isolation, wearing a mask, etc. A lot of people are allowing only close people that they know in their house. 

The CDC thinks you should not go trick or treating. They put up rules on how to stay safe, so you won’t get sick with Covid-19 or spread it to your loved ones. They say that you should celebrate virtually or with house members. If you are going to throw a party, indoors gatherings cause more risk of contracting Covid-19 than outdoor gatherings. 

The CDC does not have limited or a specific number of how many people you should invite to your gathering, but you should still limit as much as you can so you can have a lower risk of catching. If you are going to invite people inside your house, try asking all guest where they have been or have them quarantine for 14 days if they have gone somewhere.

If you are going to go trick or treating, go with the people you live with, or if you go with your friends try to keep as much distance from them as you can. When knocking on the doors, you should try to stay six feet apart. Also, if you are going to handout candy try to have it in a wrapper or individually wrap it if it’s homemade, so that the risk of you getting Covid-19 would be lower.

If your costume doesn’t have a mask that covers your mouth and nose. It is not going to protect you if you wear a mask that only covers your mouth. If your mask doesn’t cover your nose you should try to wear a mask underneath your Halloween mask so you can have a lower chance of getting it. If you can’t breathe when wearing two masks, you can find a new Halloween costume or get a different mask. 

Halloween is not going to be the same, you can still do Halloween activities with your household members so that you are at a lower risk at getting Covid-19. Some of these things include, carving and decorating pumpkins, decorating your home, having a virtual Halloween, or even a Halloween movie night.