The World of Dog Fighting


Thalia Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

All over the world there are people training dogs to fight. They have these poor animals chained or locked up until they have to fight another dog to the death, each having hundreds of dollars on them. These animals have cuts, bruises and even missing flesh. 

These fights  are heartbreaking, but it gets even worse. Dog fighters even use cats while training their dogs to fight or kill. Dog fighting is illegal in the United States and is even illegal to watch these fights go on, with the exception of in Montana and Hawaii. Sadly, despite this law thousands of dogs are killed every year just from dog fights alone. 

People who put on these dog fights use cats because they usually do not put up a good fight. Before the cats are put into the ring a part of their fur is painted with a color, such as purple or blue, that way it is easier for people to place bets on which cat will be killed first. Having the cats being used as bait helps the people to train the dogs to be vicious murderers. These fights average from one to two hours long, or until one of the dogs cannot continue anymore. 

Dogs that are forced to participate in these barbaric acts are specifically bred and trained for fighting. They are abused and mistreated from puppyhood until their fatal death. The dogs usually die from blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion and/or infection. A convicted dog fighter gave details of a specific dog fight, “Miss Rufus spent most of the rest of the fight on her back and Bandit broke her other front leg high up in the shoulder, as well as one of her back legs, in the knee joint. The only leg she didn’t break, she chewed all to hell. She had literally scalped Miss Rufus, tearing a big chunk of skin off the top of her head alongside one ear.” These dogs are trained to be vicious animals, when in reality they could have lived wonderful lives with a great family.