Mysterious Drones In the Sky


Thalia Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

Since the week of Christmas, I have been seeing multiple people posting on social media about “drones in the sky.” I quickly became curious and went to search what these drones were doing just roaming among the sky. 

So, I began looking into what these could be. Someone had to have an answer. These drones have a six-foot wing-span and have been seen in swarms as large as, if not more than, 30. The first report of the drone sightings was given by The Denver Post on December 23. Since this article, sightings of these mysterious drones have spanned up to six counties across Colorado and Nebraska. 

The Denver Post interviewed Phillips County Sheriff, Thomas Elliott, because he had seen the drones every night for a week straight and had caught onto the drones’ flying habits. He had no clue as to why the drones were there, but he told The Denver Post “They’ve been doing a grid search, a grid pattern. They fly one square and then they fly another square.” Sheriff Elliott explained that the drones appeared every night around seven o’clock and disappeared three hours later at ten o’clock, but they stayed 200 to 300 feet up in the air. 

Not only does it seem that the police force doesn’t know what is going on, but the Federal Aviation Authority say that they have no information on the drones or why they are here. Along with them, representatives of the Air Force, DEA, and the US Army Forces Command also say that the drones do not belong to their organization. 

On Monday, January 13, the Colorado Department of Public Safety came back empty-handed after conducting several field operations in order to figure out what these mysterious drones are doing in the sky. Investigators checked into 23 reports, and 19 of the reports turned out to be planets, stars, small hobbyist drones, atmospheric conditions, or commercial aircraft. Four of these reports though, did bring concern among the investigators because they could see that something was there, but could not tell exactly what was flying overhead. 

There is still no confirmation as to what these drones may be or why they are roaming our skies. Conspiracy theories continue to blow up online, with some people saying that the drones belong to a Mexican drug cartel or that the drones are even from a far off planet. These drones have brought questions among many people, and it seems that the questions will continue to grow.