Libre’s Law


Thalia Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

Winter is finally falling upon us, which means longer nights and colder days. During this time of year, it is important to bring your dogs inside and make sure that they are out of the cold. Many people may think that this is just common thought, but there are still people that keep their dogs outside no matter the weather. 

Most dogs love the outside, but this does not mean that they should stay out there during such cold weather. Recently a new law passed in Pensylvania, known as “Libre’s Law.” This law makes it illegal to leave your dog outside in extreme weather. “Libre’s Law” is named after a puppy that was rescued from a terrible living situation. This law states that dogs cannot be tied up outside for longer than 30 minutes if the weather is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

People that break this law will receive a fine and can potentially even receive jail time. This sentence could last from six to even twelve months. Many people have the idea that dogs can handle colder weather because of their fur coats, but think of it as if you were wearing a nice heavy coat, but then had to lay in the wet cold snow all day, every day. The coat would no longer have that same warm effect. 

Fellow dog lover and senior, Brionna Schafer, has a Pomeranian Husky mix named Tux. When I asked her if she keeps him inside during the colder days she explained, “Our dog is inside at most times except to play and go to the bathroom. Little dogs cannot survive outside in this cold weather.” Most people keep their dogs inside with them during any weather, just like Brionna, but some never bring their dogs inside and this needs to be brought to attention. Even if you have a big dog, it is still important to bring them inside when the weather gets too cold. 

Leaving your dog outside in extreme cold or heat is potentially harmful to your dog. Dogs love to be around their people and love to be nice and warm inside just like we do. It is saddening that lawmakers have to make this law in order to protect animals from their owners, but this problem is more common than people think. So, make sure you are bringing your furry friends in if it feels too cold out this winter.