Nebraska Colleges Lower ACT Requirements

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Nebraska Colleges Lower ACT Requirements

Maycee Quick, Staff Writer

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Juniors across the nation stress and dwell over the same test. This test is important and very difficult. The ACT, a test required for the majority of juniors, consists of four multiple choice exams: English, Reading Comprehension, Math, and Science. An optional writing section is also offered after the completion of these four tests. The ACT is scored on a 1-36 scale for each section of the test. The score for each section is then averaged, creating a composite score. This score is required for the majority of colleges.

Students either study for hours on end before hand, or they go into the test and hope for the best. This test alone can determine one’s future. If students in high school score a certain number or above, this score can open the door to a greater number of scholarships and the admittance to the college of their dreams.

Most colleges have a required ACT and SAT score that a student must have in order to be accepted. If a student has achieved this score or higher, they have a better chance of acceptance into that certain college. Community colleges generally have a lower test score requirement, while some have no requirement at all. More prestigious colleges, like Stanford and Harvard, have a test score requirement of 32 or greater.

Some colleges encourage students to take remedial classes if a student has the required ACT test score, but his/her individual scores are too low. Students take remedial classes to target their education weaknesses and learn.

Nebraska colleges are changing their views when it comes to the ACT. In fact, some are lowering their ACT requirements so more students can be admitted. Colleges like Hastings, Doane, and the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Lincoln, and Kearny have a lowered ACT score so more students, who may not be the best test takers, can have the opportunity to go to their college. This will raise the amount of kids who are receiving a college education.

The lowering of ACT scores is going to allow more students to go to college and receive an education. This is a positive attribute for students across the state who are pursuing a degree. On the other hand, a lowered test score might backfire with students not trying as hard to do well.

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