Nike: Sacrificing or Believing?


Thalia Gonzalez, Junior Editor

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” In the newest Nike campaign, Colin Kaepernick is the main focus, and people are either enraged or very approving of this choice. Nike is known for sponsoring many great athletes, such as the tennis legend Serena Williams, who is also shown in their newest campaign. Not only was she signed a five year, $50 million contract with Nike in 2003, but they also named a building after her and still to this day promote her sport.

Many people have criticized Nike’s decision of making Kaepernick the face and voice of their 30th anniversary campaign. Nike of course realized this would make people dislike them because Kaepernick has been seen kneeling during the national anthem which sparked a movement against police brutality and spurred a conversation about patriotism that rolled the nation. With this, Kaepernick also stated that he was “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people.”

Opinions on the campaign have been taken to social media, giving Nike even more light, whether it be negative or positive. Some people will take it so far as to even burn Nike apparel, which again is giving them more light and boosting its popularity. After the Kaepernick ad, sales have actually increased by 31%. So, no wonder Nike is totally fine with bringing Kaepernick along with them.

I asked the AHS students if they still supported Nike after their new ad.


But has Kaepernick sacrificed everything, or even anything? When you watch the Nike ad, you see many different people such as a little boy wrestling with no legs and a young girl in a wheelchair playing basketball. Now, that is believing in something and pushing yourself to become the best you you can be, but is it necessarily a sacrifice? Yes, Kaepernick’s protests did cost him his job, but he is still pocketing millions from Nike and has cemented his role as a social critic. For a washed-up quarterback, he doesn’t seem to be hurting.