More Q4 Games, November 2019


Evelyn Robertson, Staff Editor

It’s that time, and you know the drill. We are back at it with some more video games to be released this quarter. To be specific, in November.

Romancing SaGa 3 – 11/11/19

Technically, this was released all the way back in 1995. Coincidentally, also on the 11th. Anyway SaGa was initially on the Super Famicom. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, it didn’t sell well in the United States. SaGa was Japan exclusive. SaGa 3 has been given an HD remake to be enjoyed by the newer generations. No, it’s not a dating simulator. This game is a dungeon crawler JRGP. Every 300 years, the big bad, Morastrum, rises up to threaten the world. Every child born on that 300th year is doomed to die. However, a sole child will survive, the chosen one. It’s been 300 years since the last one. Humanity trembles as it fears for its children. Will there be a chosen one again?


Playable on: Switch

Publisher: Square Enix

Dev: Square

Genre: JRPG


Bee Simulator – 11/14/19

Have you ever wanted to be a bee? In this game you get to be the coolest, most uncanny valley level of intelligence bee ever. You get to collect pollen, protect your hive, tend to larvae. Apparently, there is cooperative play. Even more questionable though is PvP. As you know, most bees die after stinging for the first time. Perhaps you get infinite bee lives to continuously attack your opponents. 


Playable On: PS4, Switch, XBOX 1, PC

Publisher: Bigben Interactive


Genre: RPG

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory – 11/14/19

Paranoia is set in the distant heavily automated future. Everyone lives in the Alpha Complex. Everyone is Happy there. To be Happy is to be thoroughly medicated by the friendly agents of the overlord. His name is Friend Computer. He isn’t evil. He gives you your mandated Happy pills! Friend Computer gives you jobs, cleanliness, and security so tight you’re already on several watch lists! Be sure to avoid independent thought, otherwise you’ll be put on more watch lists. You are a troubleshooter. You deal with problems that Friend Computer can’t see. Something is going on in the basement. What is it? It’s your job to find out.


Playable On: PS4, XBOX 1, PC

Publisher(s): Bigben Interactive, Black Shamrock

Dev(s): Cyanide, Black Shamrock

Genre: RGP