Fresh Video Games, Q4 2019


Evelyn Robertson, Staff Editor

Fresh Video Games, Q4 2019

Greetings again, my fellow citizens of Alliance High. Once again, we take this time to look at some new games coming to the mainstream consoles for these months of October and November. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield – 11/15/19

We take to the Galar region for a new Pokemon adventure. As you may know, all regions in the Pokemon world are based off real locations. Kalos is based off France, Unova on New York, etc. Galar is based on Scotland. We also have the mascot legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta. Both are wolf-like and based on a sword and shield, respectively. Zacian wields a sword in its mouth and Zamazenta is literally built like a shield. Naturally, they are expected to have excellent attack/defense, however we fear their special stats may be lacking. All that power needs to be balanced out, similarly to Pheromosa’s stats. Galarian formes have also been introduced for Wheezing, Zigzagoon, and Linoone. 


Playable on: Switch


Publisher: Nintendo


Dev: Game Freak 


Genre: RGP


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – 10/4/19

You are stranded and left with the enemy. You are alone, (unless you’re playing in multiplayer) and must fight to survive. It is time to explore an archipelago shrouded in danger. Become a Ghost as you fight fatigue and injuries with teammates. Character creation is a big part of starting the game. Apparently, there are “thousands of custom combinations.” Further customization is possible through gear and personal skill sets. PvP and PvE are explored through story arcs and classes. You are up against Skell Tech, a company overrun by The Wolves, led by your ex comrade, Colonel Cole D. Walker. They’ve reprogramed drones into killing machines, so stay alert.


Playable on: XBOX 1


Publisher: Ubisoft


Dev: Ubisoft


Genre: Open World Adventure


The Outer Worlds – 10/25/19

“Welcome to the future. Try not to break it.” You are a space colonist heading for the edge of the galaxy when you get lost in space. Awoken decades later, you find yourself launched into the mystery of Halcyon. People are split into factions here, all vying for dominance over the others. Who you decide will change this new time forever. Halcyon is on the furthest edge of the spatial frontier, you’re pretty alone here. Halcyon sets itself up to be paradise, but there’s something going on here. Acting against the Halcyon Holdings Corporation acts against humanity. You’ll be fighting against the wildlife of the planet with guns that probably won’t misfire. 


Playable on: PS4, Switch, XBOX 1, PC


Publisher: Private Division


Dev: Obsidian Entertainment (Same people who made Fallout New Vegas!)


Genre: RPG, Action Adventure