Fresh Video Games, Q3 2019


Evelyn Robertson, Staff Editor

Greetings, fair citizens of Alliance High! If you know the quality way to spend your time, it’s playing video games. It doesn’t matter what console you like or which ones you don’t, we are going to look at some of the games coming to all types of consoles.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborn – 9/6/2019

Monster Hunter is back at it again with a new expansion, Iceborn! We have a whole slew of new quests and monsters, as well as master rank quests. True to its name, it’s going to be cold. People have adapted to this climate, and so have the creatures. Beotodus, for example, is an aquatic looking wyvern that SWIMS THROUGH THE SNOW. It will hurl snow at prey, and you. It will likely know you are there before you see it. Barioth is a white wyvern with the tusks of a walrus, it moves fast for its size and can cling to walls. Of course, we have our new big bad, the elder dragon Velkhana. Legend says that it can freely control the ice and snow, and believe me, it does. Velkhana will blast snow and ice to keep you at a distance. Even if you get close, it will swing at you with its tail. It strikes fast, so player adaptation is necessary. 


Playable on: PS4, PC, & XBOX 1

Publisher: Capcom

Dev: Capcom

Genre: Action-Adventure, Roleplay


Borderlands 3 – 9/13/19

As a vault hunter, you traverse beyond Pandora with an ever expanding arsenal of guns. Apparently a certain gun can grow legs and verbally insult your opponents. This sounds like a nice way to bug people in multiplayer. We have four new vault hunters, more customizable than ever. Zane is your battle operator, he can use all sorts of mechanical wonders to cause heavy destruction on the battlefield. As if the animals weren’t dangerous enough, FL4K is a beastmaster. Amara can summon the ethereal and smash foes. Moze is the gunner of the group, and he can pilot a battle mech. The enemies are smarter, they can co-op attacks, support each other, and seek cover. Have fun, vault hunter!


Playable on: PS4, Stadia, PC, & XBOX 1.

Publisher: 2K Games

Dev: Gearbox Software

Genre: FPS, Action-Adventure, Roleplay

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – 10/31/2019 – Halloween, of course!

Luigi and the rest of the Mario crew have been invited to a luxury hotel to spend their vacation. However, this turns out to be a trick. King Boo set the whole thing up to capture everyone. Luigi teams up with Professor E. Gadd again to banish the ghosts of the hotel. The Poltergust has received another upgrade, the Poltergust G-00. We have a new character introduced to the series, Gooigi is an all green copy of Luigi that can help him solve puzzles that he could not do himself. Similarly to Dark Moon, we have multiplayer. The Scarescraper makes a return, now with compatibility of up to 8 players. 


Playable on: Nintendo Switch.

Publisher: Nintendo

Dev: Next Level Games

Genre: Action-Adventure