Upcoming Games: February 2018

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Upcoming Games: February 2018

Aubrie Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief

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The month of February is normally full of chocolate and stuffed bears, this years it’s full of something else. Games! Here are a few of the new games coming out this month.

Astroneer- February 6

In Astroneer, players have the choice between three different modes of playing. In tutorial mode, players will be generated into a world and given specific tasks to learn basic skills, such as operating basic machinery and building accessories. In the terrain test, players will be placed in a world with a set number of supplies and tested on their ability to survive the harsh terrain. In freeplay mode, players will be dropped in a world and given everything they need to survive, all they have to do is have fun. This game tests a players ability to adapt to new surroundings and survive completely out of their element.

Console- Xbox One, PC

Publisher- System Era Softworks

Developer- System Era Softworks

Genre- Open World Adventure Game


Far Cry New Dawn- February 15

Set seventeen years after the events of Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn follows the survivors of “the Collapse,” the nuclear exchange that devastated the world, as they attempt to rebuild the small community of Hope County. However, their efforts are threatened by the Highwaymen, an organized group of bandits lead by twin sisters Mickey and Lou. In order to fight back, the survivors form an alliance with New Eden – the remaining members of the Project at Eden’s Gate- despite the knowledge that the group may be more trouble than they are helpful, especially when it comes to the Highwaymen.

Console- PS4, Xbox One, PC

Publisher- Ubisoft

Developer- Ubisoft Montreal

Genre- First-person Shooter


Anthem- February 22

Set in Fort Tarsis, a fortified settlement built by General Helena Tarsis, players will have the ability to receive specific missions set in various or freelance assignments. By doing this, a player can improve their character’s abilities as well as their Javelins, heavily armored suits with various weapons and superhero abilities. Throughout the game, players will face non-playable characters that they can create a friendly or toxic relationship with, which will determine the type of action a player will see when they travel outside the Fort.

Console- PS4, Xbox One, PC

Publisher- Electronic Arts

Developer- BioWare, Motive Studios

Genre- Action role-playing game

Any one of these games would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, whether it’s for yourself or for a significant other. Make sure to check out any of the new games coming out this month. Until next month Spudsters!


Other Games Coming out in February

God Eater 3- February 8

Degrees of Separation- February 14

Metro: Exodus- February 15 

Ape Out- February 28