Men or Women: Who has it harder today?

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Men or Women: Who has it harder today?

Allexis Rolstad, Staff Writer

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Men and women are more equal today than they ever were before. Every fight for equality has definitely paid off, but there are still many differences in the lives of men and women that can be considered unfair. The idea that women do not get to play sports such as football, and men don’t get to wear makeup to express themselves without getting frowned upon is crazy.

Although it may be argued that men have it worse than women, it definitely is not easy being a female. There is so much struggle to have the perfect body, perfect hair, and perfect makeup. Beauty really does hurt sometimes.

The only thing most guys have to do is slide out of bed, get into clean clothes and brush their  teeth, while most girls need at least an hour to prepare themselves to leave the house. There is no doubt that women are put to much higher standards to have a better appearance than men.

For women, it is harder to get what they want because men have always held a higher power. Out of 45 presidents, a woman has never once been voted into office. “Life as a girl is harder than a life as a guy. The obvious reason that most think of is power for one.  If women are powerful and assertive, we are stuck up and rude. If a man is powerful and assertive, he is considered a good leader. Girls are stereotyped everyday. Some believe we should be stuck in the kitchen and taking care of the children. They don’t understand that we are capable of more than they think.” Brionna Schafer, a sophomore, stated.

Now, a guy’s life definitely isn’t all sunshine and rainbows either. From society believing that you have to wear the pants in many relationships, and have to work hard to put food on table, it can get pretty stressful being a man. “Men have it harder because women are out in the world competing with men for any job, and men have to come home and do more work around the house than what men used to have to do.” Shaylee Standage, a sophomore, said.

It is also so hard to express your feelings as a man or express any creativity because our society considers that to be “girly”. We’ve all heard the term “man up”.

It is clear that men and women both have different problems and it is very obvious that they are different in many ways. There’s nothing we can really do to change that other than to accept each other.

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