The Power of a Good Book

Aubrie Lawrence, Staff Writer

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Books are magical things that many people use as a way to escape from the world around them. They take the reader to faraway places, and allow them to follow a person or thing on an unforgettable adventure that is. But, some people say that books only fill reader’s head with nonsense and give them expectations, on things such as love and how the world works, that can ever quite be lived up to.

Almost anyone in Alliance High School will tell you that the last book they read was one that they had to read for class.There are still young adults that read for fun, however, that number is rapidly declining. The Guardian states that 46% of young people between the ages of 15 and 17 state that they no longer find enjoyment in reading. During this stage in our life we are suppose to open our minds and explore far away places, without having to leave our rooms.

The high school library brought back the “blind date” with a book again this year. The event had a great taking and many books were checked out to multitudes of students. This event gives students a chance to find a new world full of a spectrum of unique characters. The student was given only the first sentence of a book, so that they were given only the basic information of the story.

The blind date event gave students a chance to get out of their comfort zones and find a great author will potentially to take them on a wild ride through many of their books. This gave students a chance to find a good book, so that reading will once again be exhilarating, rather than something you do for class. With the expansion of technology, reading is something that just takes too much time out of what you would use to scroll through social media. Audiobooks are another thing that have assisted in the decline of reading. You can now find a book to listen to, while you do other things. Therefore, the book becomes nothing more than background noise.

Books are wonderful things, so go grab a book today, fall in love with the main character and find a magical world to invest yourself in. Step away from the constant scrolling of your social media and embrace a new world. That world may be similar to your own, or completely different, but they are always around to bring a good time.