Senior Farewell: Its Been Fun

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Senior Farewell: Its Been Fun

Picture Taken By: McKenna Romick

Picture Taken By: McKenna Romick

Picture Taken By: McKenna Romick

Picture Taken By: McKenna Romick

Peyton Stoike, Editor-in-Chief

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I have written a version of this final piece before. And to state it nicely, I was super snarky and honestly, wasn’t in the right mood or mindset to write it. So here’s my second try, and this time, I am being honest with what I am saying.

In my last week of high school, I have managed to cry at least once everyday over simple things; sometimes I do not even know why I am, I just am. I began to think why could this be happening and I found one true answer: my life is about to change drastically and I am not sure I am quite ready. High school is an experience, whether you enjoy it or not is up to you.

I could lie and tell you that I didn’t enjoy it, but I did.

I enjoyed band and everything that came associated with it, I enjoyed writing for the SPUD for all four years and working my way up to Editor-in-Chief.

I enjoyed being involved in the drama department, especially getting to be the lead in this year’s production of Peter Pan. I am so glad that I joined choir and worked on my confidence on singing in front of people.

I am grateful for the opportunities, experiences, and memories that playing softball all four years has brought me.

I am grateful to be able to take the classes I did and learn from the teachers. High school and every aspect that I involved myself in has shaped and helped me to become the person that I will be as I take my last walk out of the doors on May 14.

I think the thing that has deeply affected me the most is knowing that it is finally all over and I will never do any of it again. For a while I have been ready to go and ready to move on, but let me tell you, it is all catching up to me now. I was ready to leave the people, the teachers, the classes, the activities, even the initial school itself, and now I am upset with myself that I felt that way. High school is some of the best memories that many people have, others would rather not relive those days. I know that at least for a few years, even possibly the rest of my life, I will remember key events that only high school could have allowed me to have.

So for you underclassmen ready to leave not only high school but Alliance, you should all truly cherish it while you have it, because it will be over before you know it. And on top of cherishing the experiences, cherish the memories and the moments with the people in them. There is no denying that in school your friends change, but no matter who you take the ride with, it is important to remind them as often as you can how much you cherish them.

Our band teacher, Mr. Heide, told us the other day, “After high school you are going to work for the rest of your life. So many kids do not cherish the time that they spend in school, because all they have to focus on is school. It is so much different afterwards.” It all comes down to enjoying this time because it is all over in the blink of an eye.

So thank you, the readers, my peers, my teachers, Alliance High School, and the Alliance community. I am finished at The SPUD, but my future is ahead of me as a journalist. I am going to earn my journalism degree and as I enjoy what I do, I will never really “work” a day in my life. The last few days of high school really got to me, but some in the best ways. So this is a goodbye, as this is the last time I will ever write for the SPUD, and it is killing me to really succumb to that fact. I have enjoyed writing for the SPUD every year. Each year I come in and sometimes it felt like I would never graduate and leave it behind, but here the moment is, sadly. As I am finishing writing this, my dad is telling me to add “smell ya later.” I told him no, but in its place, I will say, see ya later. So goodbye, it’s been a pleasure and a journey and one that I am truly grateful for.


Peyton Stoike


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