Goodbye at Last

Tucker Hill, Staff Writer

Now that May is upon us, it’s almost hard to believe that it actually is May. With final assignments, sports, and activities going on, it seems like the whole year, let alone the past four years, have gone by unbelievably fast. Every senior is having their own thoughts and mixed feelings about finally being done with high school. For me, I couldn’t be happier.

I have spent the mass majority of my life in school, and will continue to for the greater good of myself. Some are sad about being done with high school, and some are ecstatic. Many are sitting on the teeter-totter, waiting for their final decision to sink in. Here’s something for you seniors to think about, we did it! We made it all the way to our becoming of adults. This is our last summer vacation from AHS. Don’t look at it like it’s a bad thing, but praise what positivity it brings to the rest of your life. The diploma that we receive when we walk across that stage is our ticket to whatever we want to do. That’s a pass to get a job, to get into school, or just hard evidence that we did it.

Everyone is getting ready to go off and do their own things, and it feels good to know that. Over the years, we could all see how we were turning out, how all of the things we learned over the years is effecting us both positively and negatively. It’s nice to see everyone grow up and mature, mostly in the past two years. Those of us that realize what we want to do, will go on and do it, but the ones that don’t will still move on with their lives and succeed one way or another. This group of kids, the group of kids that I have spent my whole life with, has been one of the most successful of the people I have ever met. No matter what the situation is, they will find a way to make it positive, and learn from it while they are there. Personally, I am excited to see what everyone does. I am excited to run into people over the years and catch up with them. Our entire class has always been close, and I am thankful for the friendships and bonds that I have made over the years.

To all of those who I have been in school with outside of the senior class, thank you as well. There are a lot of friendships that I have made outside of my class, and I am thankful for you guys. I hope that you will take whatever I have taught you seriously. There is a lot more to the world, and you will see it someday. High school will go by quicker than you expect. Just wait, you’ll blink, and its over. Enjoy it while you can, and really enjoy it. Soak in all of the things you learn in and outside of the classroom, and use it in a way that is beneficial to you.

To the teachers who have had the pleasure of having me in class over the years, thank you for everything you have taught me. School hasn’t always just been about what we get learn to further our education, but what I have learned beside the curriculum. I have had close relationships with a lot of teachers over the years, and you guys have taught me more than I could ever learn in a classroom. Those lessons that you have taught me, are the ones that I will always keep dear to me.

Finally, to those who I am graduating with, thank you for everything you guys have done for me over years. You guys have helped me when I needed it. You are the class I will always remember, and will always be proud to call you, MY class. I will always be proud to call myself a Bulldog because of you all. Once again, thank you.

Sincerely, Tucker Hill.