The solidarity with the Coronavirus

The solidarity with the Coronavirus

Violeta Roca, Staff writer

Is there anything positive in this pandemic? It may seem like an odd question because the answer is no, the dead, the infected, the health and economic crisis are too horrifying. But if we look around, we will see that people are sympathetic to the cause.


It is not easy to maintain a good mood and to not fall into depression or stress. Every day you see how the situation does not improve, and you may even discover that friends or family have been infected. You are anxious to be infected at any time or to infect some of your family members when you return home from work, the ones that have to go. But it is precisely for these reasons that one should try to maintain a good mood and pass it on to those in need.


It is becoming more and more frequent to see solidarity events between neighbors and friends. For example, shopping in the supermarket for a neighbor or friend who has a high risk of becoming infected with the virus, whether for their age or for having a weak immune system. Some people also take care of people’s pets because their owner can’t do it. These small things help to keep the number of infected from increasing. It is also a great idea to organize online activities for everyone that wants to join them, like online plays, free yoga classes, concerts, etc. Being thankful to all the people that are working hard in making all these things possible helps them to continue doing their best and to not become downcast.


Sometimes being supportive also involves following the rules and not just doing things for your own benefit, such as buying unnecessary food because you don’t want to run out of food, and only thinking about your common good and not the fact that if you take these foods that you do not need, you are leaving a person without that food who really needs it, and can’t buy it, thanks to your selfishness and your lack of common sense.