The Inauguration of President Trump

Aubrie Lawrence, Staff Writer

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The inauguration of President Trump was perceived in many different ways. While some were happy that the day had come for Trump to be sworn into office, others were in agony that he was to be our next president. The crowd watching the inauguration consisted of both Trump and Clinton supporters, watching as he was sworn in as our president for the next four years. There were many performances, throughout, including the Rockettes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Tallaganda Marching Tornadoes, and Jackie Evancho, who sang the National Anthem.

There were countless arrests that day, including nine at the scene of the inauguration. The protests and arrests have not stopped since and have only grown around the United States. Many women’s rights movements have also taken to the streets to express their opinions on Trump’s presidency. Celebrities who oppose Trump have posted their opinions on social media stating that they would be moving to Canada or how sick they have become with Trump being in power; however, many others have spoken of their wishes for the country and are excited to see what Trump’s presidency will become.  

As for what President Trump has done so far in his presidency, he has already met with CIA employees, he has taken over the nuclear codes, and met with both the Mexican and Canadian presidents to discuss plans for their countries. In the last few days, Trump has made 12 executive orders, one including the orders to build a wall along the border. Many people say that these acts of power are only going to lead to power that no president has ever had before.  Looking at the road so far, there is no clear indications what Trump’s presidency will be like, but it will definitely be a controversial one.