Mr. Hageman


Emma Machado


The new science teacher you all have probably heard of by now is Mr. Hageman. He is one of the smartest people I have met so far. Mr. Hageman went to Southern California and received his undergraduate degree for Astronomical Engineering, He later received his master’s degree from Black Hills State University in second education. When he graduated college he worked in astrophysics for USC (Space Sciences Center) for four years. After, he went to the University of New York doing chemistry for 4 years then briefly at a private engineering business. Mr. Hageman went to Indiana and after came back here. His favorite science subjects are astronomy, and  astrophysics, because he likes the fundamental theory article questions of “why?,” “where did it come from”. He grew up in South Dakota with about 400 people in the town. Mr. Hageman grew up mostly on his family farm,  went to high school of 75 kids with 12 graduating with him. He played all the sports because “then you wouldn’t have a team” he said. He was a good student academically, but bad student behaviorally because he was super bored in the small school. One of his hidden talents is that he is arguably a world champion and grandmaster jigsaw puzzler. “I’m one of the best I’ve ever come across,” he said super proudly. He used to set puzzles with his grandma, and each year they would try to make it harder by getting a bigger and more complicated jigsaw puzzle. That is all I have to tell you about Mr. Hageman and I hope you all can see how cool he is. If you go talk to him i’m sure he’ll tell you something you never knew.