Mrs. Wurdeman: Farwell

Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

As the school year 2021 and 2022 comes to an end, there are some teachers who have decided not to come back to Alliance High School. Among many is Michelle Wurdeman.

Mrs. Wurdeman has been working for the Allianc High School for since 2016. She was the Alliance High School Spanish teacher. Many kids enjoyed her class, especially around The Day of the Dead and Cinco De May when Mrs. Wurdemen had all her students bring in food and they would have a celebration.

 The biggest thing to promote this move is that  Mrs. Wurdeman wants to spend more time with her kids, there also is not a great child care system here in Alliance so she made the decision to be a stay at home mom. Her along with many other teacher’s favorite memory here at Alliance Highschool is the Mini Olymics. Which is where the teachers and students battle each other in many unique games. One lesson Mrs. Wurdemen wants to take with her is the importance of connecting with students, realeting to them and showing them even teachers are humans to. One thing she wants her students to remember her by is her infamous quote, “ ‘less wap, more Jesus’. A quote I said to the students after they convinced me to listen to ‘wap’ for the first time…it was terrible.”

 She is going to miss all the new thing she’s taught by students. The main things she had to consider in making her choice in leaving was homeschooling vs. private schooling her older kids and the child care for her younger kids. The most exciting part about her decision is to being able to stay at home with her kids and watching them grow. She cannot wait to start homeschooling all of her kids. She hopes that all the new and returning teachers love what they learn and where they are. She hopes that all the staff continue to participate in mini olympics and maybe someday win. She wishes to give all her students the edvice to adapt and over come. Rebecca Acosta Reza will be replacing her as the new spanish teacher at Alliance High School.

The SPUD wishes her the best of luck on her journey. We hope she enjoys homeschooling and a great future. AHS will miss you.