ACT:The stress behind the test


Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

Alliance High School participates in the state-mandated ACT, which is a standardized test to show what students know in the subjects of English, Reading, Science, and Math. They have a numeric scale that they use to determine students’ scores. Then they compare those test scores with everyone in the nation. Some scholarships are awarded based on ACT success.

 Like with any test, there is a lot of stress associated with the ACT, and in some situations, it can even lead to anxiety attacks. Stress about the ACT can happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, families put a lot of pressure on their kids to do a good job on the test. Other times kids put a lot of pressure on themselves to do a good job. Stress can also come after the test when waiting for results. When the counselors were asked to estimate how many juniors come into their office around ACT time Lanik explained “around 20 kids are physically in their room” and students who email them are “around 40”.

On the ACT test day, everyone’s nerves are very high. The parents and community are very supportive of the juniors and they bring in snacks and water for the students. Lanik explained, “The most stressful test for the student is by far the math test.” The math test has five sections instead of the regular four and the students have sixty minutes for sixty questions. 

To handle stress AHS counselors say to practice a lot of time yourself when taking a practice test. If students truly don’t know a question they must guess and move on to the next question. Students should never second guess themselves and should trust their gut. sophomores and freshman should really try on the practice ACT as that will help them on the real exam. 

Buying a watch rather than always looking up at the clock is also beneficial. There are breathing exercises to use if students are really stressed.  If you get free or reduced lunches there are also three free wavors for you which potentially means after you take the ACT you have three tests to better your scores.

The SPUD hopes all juniors did a great job on their exam and hopes for the very best for all of them.