National Invest In Veterans Week


Tatum Bossell, Staff Writer

National Invest In Veterans Week takes place from March 1 through March 7. National Invest In Veterans Week is a veteran-owned, social impact organization dedicated to advocating for veteran entrepreneurs nationwide. The week is popular around the whole world and most known for supporting our veterans.
The organization was Co-founded in 2019 by nationally syndicated columnist and Iraq war veteran Jeff Shuford, National Football League star Drayton Florence, and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Rickey L. Pope. Representing only 9.1 percent of all the United States businesses, the organization has already positively impacted many people. The week is most popular for its winning-award known by “Best Social Impact Initiative of 2021 by The Ritz Herald”.
During this week, we honor our veterans and thank them for their contributions to the economy. There have been currently 17.4 million veterans around the United States and over 500,000 in Nebraska. Over hundreds of people post about veterans and their hard work every single day. There are many ways to support veterans and thank them for helping our country. People can take action by promoting veterans through social media and thanking them by sending out letters.
Social Media was what mainly got the organization promoted all over the globe. The first step in the social impact strategy was to rally support behind a veteran business holiday. Therefore, the organization has employed over 500,000 veterans. They have currently a payroll of 195 billion and receipts up to 1.14 trillion dollars! The SPUD is very thankful for all veterans and hopes the organization will get larger to help them out! To visit and learn more about the week, go to the official website for National Invest In Veterans week