The Decrease of Newspapers

Aubrie Lawrence, Staff Writer

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As the usage of social media grows, the usage of newspapers has begun to decline. Many long time newspaper readers are angered by the fact that they have to find all of their major news online, while others are happy everything is online and they do not have to wait for the paper everyday. As many newspapers begin to transfer over to the online world, many people who never had to rely on the web to get their information are beginning to complain about this change. People now face the choice between accepting the new wave of media or being some of the last to read a daily newspaper.

Many people already use the internet for a multitude of things, but others have never used it to begin with. I, personally, know many elderly people who look forward to the daily paper. Slowly, this will become an obsolete thing nobody will ever think about. People will be able to find out what is going on half-way around the world with just a touch of their fingers.

The idea of everything being online has never really phased the small town of Alliance, until the local newspaper went from an everyday paper to a biweekly paper. This change shocked many people who rely on the newspaper to find out worldly information. Others however, were happy to find we were slowly inching away from the newspaper. Many people have admitted to saying that they never really read the newspaper, even when it was an everyday thing. That shows how many people are ready to fully accept finding their news online.

With the current economy being the way it is, many companies are finding it hard to be able to afford printing daily newspapers. Switching to an online setup is cheaper than printing daily.

Kyle Cummings, the director of operations at the Alliance Times Herald, states that “the Times-Herald’s switch to a two-day-a-week newspaper was done to adapt to the current market. Less people are looking to print editions to get their news, so the Times-Herald had to adjust and become more marketable.” When being asked why so many companies are looking to the internet to post all of their stories.

While many people are ready for the next wave of the future, many still love the daily activity of reading the newspaper as they drink their morning coffee. I know that I will begin to miss the physical copy of the newspaper, but am completely willing to accept whatever the future may bring.