Ronald Kubiak: Body Found in Canal

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Ronald Kubiak: Body Found in Canal

Sharia Williamson, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, March 9, a body was found in the Nebraska Public Power District Canal, which can be found just south of Sutherland. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call from the plant, on Wednesday afternoon. The body of 50-year-old, Ronald Kubiak, was removed from the canal with no problem.

With further investigation upstream of where the body was found, the deputies found the tracks of a vehicle that lead into the canal.

A dive team is conducting a search for Kubiak’s vehicle, a 1993 Chrysler Concorde, hoping to be able to extract it from the canal to use as evidence and hopefully to find a cause for the unfortunate death of Ronald Kubiak.

As for Kobiak’s body, an autopsy will be performed at the Central Nebraska Cremation and Mortuary Service, in Gibbon, Nebraska.

The investigation is still ongoing and there has been no new evidence released.

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