Dawg Pound


Tucker Hill, Staff Writer

This year, AHS’s students have a new voice. The “Dawg Pound” has already taken charge of the student section after only a couple games. The group kicked off the first volleyball game of the season with a bang as well as the first football game. The Dawg Pound is made up of 10 seniors selected by the staff and 10 juniors that were picked by the seniors and staff. The ten seniors are Brian Gould, Colin Cox, Taylor Pavich, Ali Iossi, Carlie Nevil, Colton Rolls, Kellon Hall, Kody Fletcher, Walker Johnson, and Christa Horn.

Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Digmann are in charge of the “Dawg Pound.” Mrs. Graham says, “The Dawg Pound is a senior led spirit group that work with the cheerleaders in our school. They promote appropriate school spirit not only at sporting events. Mrs. Digmann and I work together with the dawg pound to create appropriate school spirit.”

Brian Gould is one of the senior members of the Dawg Pound. Each senior is called a Alpha Dawg. They have a junior that they recruited to the Dawg Pound, known as “Pound Puppies,” who will fill in their spot when they are gone next year. The Puppies this year are Anthony Hare, Tucker Hill, Keegan Barker, Madison Hawk, Madison Hiemstra, Karli Faritor, Bailey O’Connor, Morgan Johnston, Molly Oligmueller, and Cody Henderson. Brian says, “All I do for the Dawg Pound is cheer, and go hard. That’s it. It’s a lot of fun, and everyone in it has a great time. The Puppies have a great time with us and learn from us so that they can keep it going next year.”