Valentine’s Day Commercialization

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Valentine’s Day Commercialization

Sharia Williamson, Staff Writer

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are many different opinions on the way it is commercialized. Commercialization is a way to sell an item(s) that are now available for purchase and a way of convincing people to go out and spend their money buying these things. No matter the type of product for this “loved” or “despised” day, which ever you prefer, they all seemed to be commercialized with the same idea in mind.

As for myself, I do not have a Valentine’s date like millions upon millions of other people. I can admit that the only thing I like about Valentine’s day is waiting until the 15th, the day after the holiday, so that I can buy all the chocolate that I had seen advertised, on sale!

Millions of other people may do this as well so that they can indulge in sweets and ignore the fact that they don’t have a “significant other” to buy these normally expensive gifts or treats.

There are multiple different views on Valentine’s Day and many different ways to handle the day. Relationships that may be more serious than others may require more effort from both parties involved. Does expensive chocolate, a diamond necklace, or a giant teddy bear really show how much you love someone?

These holiday schemes seem ridiculous to many people. Many see it as stressful, they worry about the amount of money spent on a gift or if it is able to match up with the other’s gift.

The commercials themselves attempt to get the idea across that if you buy the product being advertised, anything you want to happen will. Many commercials nowadays, whether they are related to a holiday or not, will give you this fantasy without a second thought. It makes you think, “If I get this product, this situation will happen to me”.

The history of Valentine’s Day is pretty blurred on how “Valentine’s Day” came to be. Historians claim that it was first created when Pope Gelasius declared that the 14th day of February would be a day to honors St. Valentine. The next version of the story claimed that Valentine was a Christian martyr. It is believe that he was executed for marrying soldiers secretly, when during that time, the Roman Emperor had banned all soldiers from getting married. That legend is definitely a romantic and dangerous story, but there is another legend that involves the Emperor and the Christian Martyr. This tale says that the Christian Martyr was executed not for performing secret marriage ceremonies, but instead for his Christian beliefs. Before his execution he was said to have written a final farewell to his beloved one, in which he signed “From your Valentine”.

Valentines Day all together is a day for indulging in candy or enjoying time with your lover. Even though there are many people who dislike Valentine’s Day, it does not mean you cannot enjoy it in the way you prefer. The “day of love” is a good, idea, but may just be over exaggerated as a “holiday”.

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