Mrs. Elliot: Farwell

Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

As this school year is wrapping up, some of our Alliance High School staff are leaving and going on to greater and better things. The staff includes Sofia Fox, Michelle Wurdeman, Monique Elliot, Andrea Jay, Mackenzie Brennen, Michael Baker, Tony Amill, and George Clear.
Mrs. Elliot has been a teacher at Alliance High School since 2016, she was the Family and Consumer Science teacher, Culinary Arts teacher, Childhood and Development, and Families and Children in Crisis. Many of her students at Alliance High School loved her classes mostly for all the fun activities they do such as cooking and sewing and many more. 

Mrs. Elliot has always wanted to be a teacher and thinks of it as part of her, but at Alliance High School there is no paid Maternity leave for the teachers and staff, and Mrs. Elliot has recently found out she was having twins that are due in October and can not afford not having paid leave, because her husband is a farmer and crops only grow seasonally. She was devastated about no longer being able to teach all her students but was also over the moon about being a mother.  She will miss all her students a lot and loves all the interactions she’s had with them. One of the lessons she is going to take with her is, to be patient, kind, and that every person has their own story and those experiences make them who they are. Which she learned by being a teacher and interacting with her students. 

Mrs. Ellliot hopes her former students remember her classroom not by what she taught but as that safe place and a place where they can come and just be themselves, she hopes that they remember that feeling of her classroom. 

Mrs. Elliot will be working at Parker, as their Kisan Lead for Parker which means, continuous improvement. She wishes at some point all her former students get that longer lunch that all of us have hoped and begged for. Mrs. Elliot hopes that the students still find her old subject and her old room in that same safe place. She wishes to leave her students with the advice, to do what makes you happy, life will take you wherever, and let it.

Izzy Thompson is going to be her replacement at Alliance Highschool. The SPUD hopes for both of them the best in their future.