Miss. Fox: Fairwell

Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

At Alliance High School there is a lot of teachers who decided not to return next year, among those teachers is Sofia Fox. Miss. Fox has been a teacher at Alliance High School since 2020. 

Miss. Fox was the Earth science teacher for her first year and the biology teacher for her last year. Her students will always remember how she pushed them to be better even when they did not want to be. She gave her heart and soul to teaching and it showed. She also made learning fun with all her exciting activities. She was the teacher you went to if you were having a bad day or just needed someone to talk to. 

Miss. Fox decided to move to Omaha to be closer to her family. She also wants to further her education and Omaha has those opportunities. She is hoping to go back to school and is going to be a couch for one of Omaha’s High School volleyball teams. She will be working at Miller North Middle School as an eighth-grade science teacher. One of her favorite memories of Alliance High School is the Mini Olympics. One lesson she is going to take with her is the ability to make professional relationships and make friends in her working life. One thing she wishes her former students to remember is no matter how hard she pushed them she had their best interests in mind and just wanted to see them succeed. One thing she is going to miss is the close-knit community that Alliance provides that larger cities might not. She had a lot to consider but one of the biggest things was if it was financially a better decision. The thing that excites her the most is being in a bigger city and being able to further her education. One thing she wishes would change at Alliance High School after she leaves is that students get more involved in the activities at AHS. She hopes that the support the staff gives the students will stay the same. One piece of advice she wishes to leave her former students is, to set the bar high for yourself and that you are going to have bad and good times but you have to keep pushing even in the worst of times to be where you want to be.  Mr. Hageman is going to be replacing her in biology. 

The SPUD wishes her the best of luck in her future and hopes it is bright and she fulfills all the goals she has set for herself. Alliance High School will miss Miss Fox greatly.