Lunas UHOP: Scholarship

Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

This is the time of year when we see seniors stressing the most about scholarships. For one senior the stress is lifted. Luna Gonzalez is a senior at Alliance High school who is the first AHS student to win the UHOP scholarship. She applied for this scholarship in December. The UHOP scholarship goes through UNO or the University of Nebraska.  The UHOP scholarship is important because the program works is to diversify urban Nebraska healthcare by preparing students from smaller groups and entering them into health professions training. This scholarship gives them two-year free tuition to UNO and promises them a spot at UNMC, which is the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  

Luna was a perfect candidate for this scholarship because she is planning on being a trauma nurse and then later becoming a traveling trauma nurse. Gonzalez feels the important part of this scholarship is to be surrounded by students who want to become nurses as well, and it helps her pursue the career she wants to. This scholarship also helps to provide her with a tutor if she sees fit.   

She has been an active member of the Health Professions club and wants to continue being one through the summer. Gonzales is proud of all the work and dedication she did, and is also proud of getting this scholarship despite her  low ACT score. “I feel that a lot of students feel like they need a high ACT score to get somewhere in college but what you really need is a good GPA, volunteer work and showing that you are involved in your community,” Gonzalez explained. 

Gonzalez is most ecstatic about her classes, she loves math and science and is super excited to work with a cadaver in Anatomy and Physiology. She is also super excited to help all her patients and even residents and to continue to go so that she can be the best Trauma nurse she can be.  The SPUD wishes her luck with her nurse journey.