Mr. Michael Baker: History

Aubrie Lawrence, Staff Writer

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Mr. Baker is the American Government, Psychology, and ninth grade Social Sciences teacher. He graduated from Sioux County High School in 1987, with his favorite class being American History. He then graduated from Doane College, with a Bachelors degree in Social Science. Mr. Baker has been teaching for twenty-six, and has been at Alliance High School for seventeen of them.

Mr. Baker was inspired to become a teacher because he had several good teachers who taught classes that he enjoyed. He originally became a teacher because he liked the history classes he taught, as well as being around the kids that attended them. His main goal in helping students succeed is wanting them to be an informed, involved citizen. Mr. Baker’s favorite thing about the high school is all of the teachers and the students that he gets to work with every year.

He says, “The hardest thing about being a teacher is working with the students that have struggles at home that make it hard to learn.”

Mr. Baker is the football coach at the middle school, where he coaches both the seventh and eighth grade. When Mr. Baker isn’t teaching, he enjoys biking, reading, running, and spending time with his three children, Bethany, Rachel, and Joel.