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  • Graduation will be held on Sunday, May 14 at 2pm at Bulldog Stadium!

  • Good luck to Alliance Track & Field at districts on May 11th!

  • SENIORS!! Make sure to get your baby pictures to Mrs. Brock by the end of the month!

  • If planning to see a college rep, see Ms. Dunn before hand to receive a pass!

Upcoming Games: April 2016

Upcoming Games: April 2016

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Safyre Yearling, Staff Writer
April 5, 2016

As the end of the 2015-2016, school year approaches, game developers are competing to make the best game for the summer season. Quantum Break – April 5th A time travel experiment has gone awry in the upper east side of the United States at Riverport University. As time begins to break down, Jack Joyce and Paul Serene are left with different time-based abilities. Paul Serene, the main antagonist, can see into the future, and must decide what choices to make in the present. Jack Joyce, the protagonist, is a person with time manipulation powers. He has the power to make everything, but hims...

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Upcoming Music: April 2017

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Chuck Berry: More Than A Musician

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13 Reasons Why and 14 Reasons Why Not

13 Reasons Why has been the talk for some time now. This show that was originally a book. 13 Reasons W...

Upcoming Movies: May 2017

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Upcoming Movies: April 2017

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