My Senior Sideline

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My Senior Sideline

Zachary Placek, Senior Editor

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As a sports photographer for the SPUD, I have spent week nights and Saturdays with my camera watching the teams of AHS compete. While I mainly shoot volleyball and basketball, I have shot a lot of football and softball games during my short two years with the SPUD.

Throughout my freshman and sophomore years, while I was not taking pictures, I still went to almost every home competition that I could. I have had the opportunity to capture very emotional moments on the court and field, win or lose. I have been able to cheer alongside fans and the team, but I feel as though I have been defeated when our teams lose games.

My attachment to these teams comes from my abundance of school spirit. I love to yell loud during games until my throat burns when I try to speak. I have woken up with a sore throat more times than I can count after a great game the night before.

Because I am such an avid fan, I have stuck with the Bulldogs through tough times. I have witnessed seasons without a win in the past, but never was ashamed of my team. I know that Alliance has heart and it showed this year.

I took pictures of our football team when it was a struggle to compete against the size of other teams, and it was difficult to cheer for them. This year, I cheered as loud as I could as they made it to state playoffs. All I felt was joy as I captured the excitement of the players on the field as their hard work paid off and they followed a season of no wins with a season that got them to state playoffs.

Some of my best shots have been during volleyball season. I love to show off some of my amazing action shots to the players, and one was good enough to become a profile picture for an athlete. I felt as much pride as they did when I got to take pictures of them as they battled hard at the state tournament this year. The trip was very fun and it allowed me to make some great memories that almost no one else can say they have done. I got to stand right next to the court at a state tournament and capture moments of time and save them forever.  

Coming up next week, I will get the opportunity to travel again to Lincoln to take pictures of the boys basketball team as they show their talent at the state tournament at the Bob Devaney Sports Center. I am so excited to have another great opportunity during my senior year to cheer on a team that I have loved to watch for the past four years. My sophomore year, I went to the boys basketball tournament as a fan. Last time I had to miss school, this year however, I will be right under the basket taking pictures while school is out for spring break.

I am so thankful that the school allows me to take pictures and travel with the team to two state tournaments this year, my last year at AHS. My senior year has been full of so many fun trips and full of great memories with great people. I will forever be an Alliance Bulldog at heart. Go Big Blue!

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