The New Community Coffee Cottage


Morgan Moomey, Jr. Editor

Brenda Schrum is a well known figure around the community of Alliance, especially at AHS. Schrum is a bus driver for many sports activities, and has recently opened her own business, Brenda’s Cottage. Brenda’s Cottage is a quaint local coffee shop that offers coffees, teas, smoothies, and much, much more. 

Schrum opened Brenda’s Cottage because “with the craziness of year 2020, I wanted a nice relaxing atmosphere for people to come to, even if just temporary and [to] set the stress aside!” But creating this “stress-free” atmosphere was anything but stress-free. Schrum stated, “The process sure was a roller coaster. I started this adventure in July 2019 with another person. Opening costs were pretty high, so we dug deep and found financial assistance, which took a while. In the meantime, we kept working our jobs. Then COVID-19 hit and I was totally shut down from the vendors and banks I was negotiating with. The other person decided to leave, so I had to do some deep soul searching to decide if I should continue on, as… I knew nothing of the coffee business. I changed my platform, changed the business name, looked for good people to join me and as the saying goes  ‘the rest is history’.”

Brenda’s Cottage has a variety of items to buy. Small local businesses are selling their products at the cottage. “Just in the short time we have opened, we have [created] a welcoming place [for people] to come to and enjoy themselves and with friends! We are promoting home town locals with their items of specialty to sell to the public and host small gatherings.” Schrum also has many plans for the future of Brenda’s Cottage. “My plans are to start serving food, [have more] get togethers, promote more local vendors and expand our barista counter for more drink options.” 

Schrum noted, “All of us at Brenda’s Cottage strive to make our Cottage your, Cottage! We have laughed and cried with our patrons. We encourage them or comfort them in their endeavors and if I’m around, I take time to visit! We recycle, take suggestions, and if an issue arises, I get to the bottom of it. We love and enjoy having EVERYONE come in or drive up to our window. 2020 was rough for all, but because of that, I feel 2021 will flourish for all. I’m very positive!” Brenda’s Cottage is a great business that is always spreading kindness and generosity through the community of Alliance.