Are electronic devices bad for your health?

Are electronic devices bad for your health?

Ariale Hindman, Staff writer

Most people these days are often found on their electronic devices. Since Covid-19, schools have switched to online learning by using ZOOM, therefore; the students are on their electronic devices more often. 

I’ve noticed when I go to restaurants many people have their electronic devices out while eating instead of talking with their family, friends, etc. They just eat their food with little communication. At the same time electronic devices could be good because you can communicate to more people that live far away.  

When playing a game, some people like to get closer to the screen, so this would negatively affect your vision. Many video games have flashing lights which make your eyes need to work harder. Also, when players are trying to get close to the screen their back would likely start to hutch, which is bad for their back. 

I then interviewed Jordan Vaughn, who is a senior at AHS. When asked have you ever gone a day without using an electronic device and if so, how did you feel about it, Vaughn said, “Yes, it was just like another day to me.” When asked, do you think electronic devices are bad for your health, why or why not, Vaughn replied, “Kind of, but they lower people’s self-esteem.” When asked, do you think electronic devices distance people, Vaughn explained, “No, we are communicating a lot more nowadays than we used to. Finally, I asked, what do you think the world would be like if we had no electronic devices? Vaughn said, “I think the world would be more quiet, and teenagers would be depressed.” 

In conclusion, electronic devices can be both good and bad for your health. As long as you are playing on them wisely, it should not affect your health. Electronic devices can be good and bad for heath.