Technology in Our School

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Technology in Our School

Aubrie Lawrence, Junior Website Editor

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In today’s society, you can find that technology has a purpose in just about everything, including our school systems. It has drastically changed the way we learn, along with what we use to learn it.

For most classes, homework assignments can be found online. Whether it be on Google Classroom or Big Ideas Math, there are new and improved ways of doing assignments. Despite the easy access to the websites, there comes the element of a student not truly learning the material being taught. Students are beginning to use other sources, rather than teachers, to ask questions about assignments. More and more websites are advertising ways to get out of having to do the work, and students can’t seem to get enough.

Alliance has been blessed with great technology to use in the classroom. Projectors and computers have made the lives of both students and teachers easier; however, there is some technology that students don’t believe gets used enough, or in the right way.

“Actually use it in more classes, integrate it into everyday life throughout school. Also actually use the TVs around the school like the one by the PAC doors and use all of the technology in this school to its fullest extent,” says Tristan Bleish.

Another large change that has happened since our school has adopted technology is the use of cell phones in class. Though the school rules say that they are not to be seen in class, teachers are getting more and more lenient on the use of them in the classroom. Yet, some teachers believe that cell phones are the reason our school has trouble focusing in class.

After polling the school, I learned that unless the teacher allows the phone in class, a majority of students do not check their phones at all or are only texting or Snapchatting. However, there are some that admitted that they are constantly using their phones in class and are not really paying attention to the lesson.

The student body of Alliance High School has the general consensus that the technology present in our school is for the best. While there can be small improvements here and there, the computers and projectors are helping students learn in an age that is swarmed with the growing technological industry.