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M.c.Kenna Romick
Hi, my name is McKenna Romick I am now going into my fourth year of high school and my third year being a writer for The SPUD. The spring of my sophomore year, I qualified for state journalism in the category of  featured sports writing where I placed 8th. I have two brothers and I'm stuck right in the middle! Ryan is going to be 21 in December and just left for his junior year of college at UNL. Drew, my younger brother and best friend, started his 7th grade year this August. All three of us kids love sports, which results in a crazy, busy schedule. As for myself, I have played a variety of sports. I played volleyball my freshman year till my junior year. During the spring of my sophomore year, I decided to try tennis and I loved every second of it, from the first match I'd ever played in my life all the way to state with my doubles partner M'kayla Steen! Then back to state tennis my junior year with Elise Stoike. The fall season for my senior year, I decided to switch things up and run cross country! With no knowledge of how the sport works plus a complete change in direction of sports my family and I are excited for the new journey! When I'm not playing sports, I'm most likely with friends, hanging out with my family, doing work for school. Last year I took a class through WNCC to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). After high school, I would love to end up somewhere in Colorado, but I have not yet decided what I would like to study.

I look forward to covering numerous topics this year as a SPUD staff writer. Go Bulldogs!

McKenna Romick, Staff Writer

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