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Margaret Hoff
Hello everybody. My name is Margaret Hoff and this is my second year writing for the Spud. This year, as a Junior, I have been promoted to Web Editor. I will also be creating new cartoons for the paper this coming school year. Along with those responsibilities I will be continuing to write the Upcoming Movies stories.

In my personal life, I am the middle child of Timmothy and Susan Hoff. I have one older sister, Autumn, who is now attending Chadron State College and one younger brother, Henry, who will be in fifth grade this year. My parents are also very present in my life. My mother is a nurse, and my father is an artist. This kind of clash between left and right brained parents gives me a lot of varying views many others might not have.

Apart from my home life, I am also involved in a few activities. I’m a three-year member of the art club, head quad in the marching band, and a new member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). I also work at the local movie theatre.

I hope you enjoy our new staff this year and all the new stories we will be putting out as a whole. Be sure to check back on the site every week or so, so you can be updated on everything going on around Alliance High School. And most of all, never forget to support your school newspaper!


Margaret Hoff, Web Editor

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