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Margaret Hoff
Hello. My name is Margaret Hoff, but I usually go by Magi. I am the middle child of Timm and Susan Hoff. I have an older sister, Autumn, and a younger brother, Henry.

This is my first year writing for the SPUD, and my second year at Alliance High. As well as writing for the SPUD I’m in a few other activities. I play the quads in the AHS Band,  I perform in One Act and the yearly play, I’m involved in Speech, and I’m currently the vice president of my class.

I consider myself a pretty hard worker, and I succeed in all my classes. As well as school related activities, I work at the Alliance Theatre, and I highly enjoy art.  After high school I hope to go further into art and get an education based on it. I hope you enjoy my work!

Margaret Hoff, Staff Writer

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