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Aubrie Lawrence
Hi! I’m Aubrie Lawrence. This is my second year writing for the SPUD. I am a junior here at AHS, and I am the Junior Website Editor for the SPUD. I am the oldest daughter of Heath and Shannon Lawrence and the sister of Riley Lawrence, an 8th grader at the middle school. I am a trumpet player in the AHS band, and a member of the speech team. I have also been involved in dance at the 7th Street dance studio for the past 13 years, as well as a part of a small brass ensemble for the past two years. I am also a Page, meaning I put the books away, at the Public Library in Alliance. I tend to keep myself pretty busy, but when I have extra time I love reading the newest book, coloring, or binge watching anything on Netflix. I am a very hard worker when it comes to schoolwork. After high school, I plan on going to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to become a journalist. I am very excited to work on the school paper and making new memories with the staff.

Aubrie Lawrence, Junior Website Editor

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