Finding a Future


Maycee Quick, Editor

Some seniors can agree that the most stressful part of senior year is deciding what to do after school is over. There are many options: college, gap year, trade school, military, the work force… For those who plan to go to college, like me, it is stressful deciding what major and career to follow. 

Since I do not have full understanding over what some jobs offer, it is stressful deciding what major I want to study and what career I want to pursue. There are subjects that interest me now, of course, but will they interest me in five years? Going into college, I feel like I have to have a determined and committed major. This is hard because I feel that I am constantly changing my mind, and I am sure a lot of seniors agree. I feel like most seniors believe that they have to know what they want to do after high school right now, but I am starting to realize this isn’t always the case.

In college, students’ majors can be undecided. It is okay for freshmen to not know exactly what they want to do, and many students relate to that. There are also seniors who take a gap year, where they wait a year to go to college. This is beneficial because then students can go out, shadow, be an intern, or anything else to see if they find what they want to do with their life. There are many students who join the workforce. This allows them time to decide whether they want to change that occupation, or if they enjoy it, they can continue working. Some students join the military, which is a respectful and honorable career. Going into the military can also grant students with money to go to college. Another option for students is going to trade school once they graduate, which will produce a good and stable career once they are done. 

Seniors do not have to know everything right now, and that is something that is important to remember. There is time to decide, and there are so many options. Being a senior, I know that I shouldn’t stress about the future, but instead I should just work hard and stay focused, which in the end will help me with my future. 

Being a senior has been exciting and anxious, and I am excited to graduate and find a career. I think that I know what major I want to study, and what career I want to pursue, so hopefully, for the sake of my wellbeing, it will stay that way once the time comes. Other seniors have to remember that stressing out won’t help the issue, so it is significant that they just trust the process and do now what will benefit them in the future.