Mr. Crile: Special Education Resource


Cynthia Wing, Staff Writer

This year is Mr. Stephen Crile’s first year teaching at Alliance High School. Crile is a special education resource teacher, head Girls basketball coach and helps out with summer weights. He loves to teach strength and conditioning when he gets to, but right now, he is mainly teaching math, which is his favorite out of the core subjects. 

Crile likes supporting young people and helping figure out things that are hard for them. The two main reasons he wanted to be a coach and teacher are because he loves coaching and it’s a big part of education. 

He went to college at Chadron State, got his bachelor’s and master’s in K-12 PE and health, got his bachelor’s in pre K-12 special education and is now adding an endorsement to be an administrator. He has two bachelor’s. 

When he was in high school, he thought he wanted to go the business route, but when he started college, he looked into education and he chose to pursue that career path instead. Crile enjoys working out, lifting weights and woodworking at home in his free-time. He likes the kids and his colleagues. He says, “Everybody has been super nice here so far. I’m getting to know the kids a lot better so it’s always fun and exciting to meet new people.” 

 He said he grew up in Chadron and he did like living there. When asked what his most memorable memory is from teaching, he replied, “I had a student that was very hard to work with. They would get upset really easily and then I was able to work through some problems with the student and help him figure out how to cope with certain situations so that they could function better in the classroom.” 

Mr. Crile was a teacher before teaching at Alliance High School. He taught four years in Central City, and just finished teaching for four years in Ainsworth. He became an AHS teacher by talking to his little brother John Crile, AHS Math teacher. John told Stephen about the job opening, so Stephen applied. The Spud welcomes Mr. Crile to Alliance and wishes him luck!!